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MultiGips plasters and filler gypsums are… 

  • applicable for all walls and ceilings in all rooms with normal humidity 
  • suitable in accordance with DIN V 18550 also for domestic kitchens and bathrooms
  • usable as background for (alternative) compound sealants in stress classes 0 and A01 

… ideal for building physics

  • low heat conduction provides warm building unit surfaces and a comfortable sense of well-being
  • open pored joints regulate the room climate, humidity always remains in a pleasant range
  • gypsum is pure mineral, does not become mouldy

… highly valuable in design

  • smoothed, sand-floated or freely structured: smooth and aesthetic surfaces
  • wall finish with many modern techniques, whether coatings, wallpapering or tiling 

… economic in the building process 

  • to be worked single-layer up to 25 mm, in exceptional cases up to50 mm in one layer 
  • economic and very productive in consumption. only 8 to 10 kg dry mortar per m² with average plaster thickness of 10 mm 
  • rapid drying, through this accelerated building progress even in winter 

… simple in working

  • ready-to-work factory dry mortar with precisely defined and always constant properties 
  • best adhesion on rendering base through the gypsum-specific keying, the vacuum effect with casting on as well as mechanical bonding on all normal rough building backgrounds 
  • tensionless drying, without special measures free of cracks

… convincing in use 

  • non-combustible due to the stored constitutional water, even has active fire protection effect 
  • proven, building biologically recommended and healthy building material with a pH value comparable with human skin 
  • neutral odour, without toxic or allergy causing vapours 
  • capable of being recycled