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Products and system components 

MultiGips plasters and fillers are suitable for walls and ceilings in the complete interior area, including domestic kitchens and bathrooms in accordance with DIN V 18550.

Using MultiGips, absolutely smooth and aesthetic surfaces can be produced very simply. For this only one layer of gypsum plaster is required and no additional fine layer, no lime smoothing and no subsequent smoothing layer. Following smoothing and sand-floating the surfaces present themselves as completely flat and optically even. 

Economy in the working 

MultiGips dry mortars are highly productive. With the plaster thickness normal for gypsum plaster of 10 mm one requires only some 8 to 10 kg dry mortar per square metre. Through the high yield less material has to be delivered to, stored and mixed at the building site, which reduces the expenditure for ineffective ancillary work.