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MultiGips Putzsysteme – Verarbeitung


MultiGips plasters and fillers are suitable for walls and ceilings in the complete interior area. It is only with building units which are subjected to permanent moisture action that the material is not to be used, that is more or less for commercial kitchens or swimming pools as well as for outside areas. The plaster background can consist of all normal formers of walls, and also of wood-wool building slabs or high-resistance foam slabs. 

The single-layer processing of MultiGips plasters, also with bigger layer thicknesses, offers high processing technical and economic advantages. As a rule, gypsum plasters are worked single-layer up to 25 mm. The small weight and the high adhesion of gypsum plaster in exceptional cases allows implementation of up to 50 mm in a single-layer whereby, depending on the background, possibly one working is recommended in two layers fresh-on-fresh.