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MultiGips dry mortars are highly productive. With the plaster thickness normal for gypsum plaster of 10 mm one requires only some 8 to 10 kg dry mortar per square metre. Through the high yield less material has to be delivered to, stored and mixed at the building site, which reduces the expenditure for ineffective ancillary work. At the same time the smaller specific gravity of the gypsum plaster indulges the work force: one tonne of gypsum plaster produces some 1,000 to 1,300 litres of wet mortar. The single-layer working, the possible employment of machines and the rapid bonding with MultiGips provide for an economically efficient and rapid process of the work steps.  

The gypsum plasters dry significantly more rapidly than mortar with other normal bonding agents. The decorator can apply coatings or wallpaper already a short time after the plastering work – with sufficient cross-ventilation already after 10 to 14 days.

Planers and craftsmen can use gypsum in all rooms, because of the suitability of gypsum plasters for using also in domestic kitchens and bathrooms. Expensive material changes are not necessary.