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To be recommended building-biologically 

MultiGips hand and machine plasters are pure mineral building products and therefore are, from a health aspect, safe to process as well as safe in usage. They contain no additives such as, for example, softeners, and can therefore also develop no gas emissions. 

MultiGips Natürlicher Baustoff

The high building-biological safety is proven by the centuries old use of gypsum in interior spaces. It is precisely this proven harmlessness which, inter alia, makes possible its employment in medicine, in foodstuffs technology or even with cosmetic products.  

The pH value of gypsum lies in the neutral range with 7 and with this approaches that of human skin.

Gypsum has a neutral odour and has extremely low self-radiation which is even lower than that of the earth. Its low conductivity prevents electrical charges on the wall surfaces which, in addition to the health advantages, also leads to the fact that gypsum can attract no dust. Furthermore, as pure inorganic material, gypsum cannot turn mouldy.