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Constant in quality 

In a modern and functional gypsum plaster there is significantly more than one can suspect at first glance – with the processing security as well as with the utilisation properties.  

The decisive performance plus is the precisely defined and absolutely constant composition of the ready-to-work dry mortar. Every bag and every silo filling possesses a constant high level of quality through the flawless firing technique with the raw materials as well as the precision of mixing and dosing facilities.  

Initial product of MultiGips is raw gypsum [CaSO4•2H2O], which consists of calcium sulphate and intercalated water, the so-called constitutional water. Following crushing, the raw gypsum is fired and, with this, the intercalated constitutional water is driven out. Through the careful selection and mixing of the raw materials, the precisely controlled conditions with firing as well as the final addition of thixotroping agents, additives and fillers, there results the ready-to-work MultiGips factory dry mortar for various applications.

MultiGips Qualitätskonstant

On the building site the dry mortar is mixed by hand or in the plastering machine solely with clean water, without further additives. A part of the mixing water intercalates again as constitutional water in the gypsum structure. The result is renewed gypsum with the calcium formula CaSO4•2H2O which, through its high water component, has outstanding fire protection properties.

A part of the mixing water evaporates with the drying of the plaster layer and with this leaves behind numerous macropores. The pore volume of gypsum plasters lies in the order of 50 to 65 percent by volume. Here one is concerned with an open pored capillary structure which, at any time, can absorb and store as much water as it had contained at the time of admixture.