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Natural raw material

Raw material basis for the production of MultiGips plasters and fillers are, above all, the natural deposits of gypsum and anhydrite stone.

MultiGips baubiologisch sicher

VG-ORTH involves itself with a high degree of responsibility for the economically balanced working and the sustained security of these resources. Using environmentally careful production facilities, energy-saving process technologies and continuous renaturing and recultivation of earlier workings, the bases for life and work for future generations are also sound. In close collaboration with authorities and nature conservancy organisations, bit-by-bit ecologically valuable biotopes result, which offer the animals and plants which are becoming rare, a species matching living space.

In order to continue to look after the natural gypsum deposits, MultiGips dry mortars also contain REA gypsum “in product relevant” portions. Rea gypsum is originated from flue gas desulphurisation plants. With this, pure gypsum is produced with the addition of lime. A process which is proven world-wide and has established itself to the greatest extent. The REA gypsum, produced with the generation of energy, is chemically identical with natural gypsum. Its purity is continuously surveyed and monitored according to quality criteria by Eurogypsum, the association of European gypsum industries.