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MultiGips MP GipsKalk Filz

For all normal interior rendering bases. Surfaces sand-floated or capable of structuring. Only loose goods

Factory premixed dry mortar on the basis of calcined gypsum for machine working for the production of single-layer interior plastering. Employment on all normal backgrounds, including concrete, also in domestic kitchens and bathrooms in accordance with DIN V 18550.

Application advantages through good water retention properties and even bonding process. Ideal for carrying out sand-floated surfaces

With weak or non-absorbent concrete surfaces, apply MultiGips Betonkontakt before the rendered MultiGips. Treat extremely absorbent rendering bases or mixed brickwork beforehand using MultiGips Aufbrennsperre or MultiGips Grundiermittel.

Technical Data*

Duration of working
approx. 3 hours
Material requirement
approx. 1.10 kg/m² per mm layer thickness
Wet mortar yield
ca. 95 l/100 kg
Thickness of plastering
Single-layer 10 - 25 mm
Delivery unit
Delivery also loose in building site container or silo vehicle
approx. 3 month, dry 

* Values can deviate depending on background, ambient temperature and working conditions.

Product details, working notes, background pre-treatment and all technical data

Technical data sheet (shortly)
Safety data sheet download (29k)