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MultiGips Modellgips 30 kg

MultiGips Modellgips 

For fine stucco work in handicraft, preservation of monuments and artistic work in interior areas. 

High-quality plaster of Paris of the finest grinding grade made from selected gypsum stone for the building of models and shapes, drawing and casting in stucco handicrafts as well as free shaping for artistic purposes and the preservation of historical objects in interior areas. Following complete drying out MultiGips Plaster of Paris achieves a high degree of whiteness and is shockproof and pressure resistant.

Technical data * 

Duration of working
approx. 20 minutes
Delivery unit
30 kg-sacks with moisture protection;
Pallet with 40 sacks = 1,200 kg,


approx. 3 month, dry

* Values can vary depending on thickness of filling/smoothing plaster, background, ambient temperature and working conditions.

Product details, working notes, surface pre-treatment and all technical data

Technical data sheet (shortly)  

Safety data sheet download (29k)