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MultiGips Ansetzgips 30 kg

MultiGips Ansetzgips 

For the fixing of gypsum or composite panels as wall dry rendering. 

Factory premixed bonding agent on a gypsum basis for the fixing of gypsum panels, fibre reinforced plasterboards and composite panels to all building materials capable of load bearing and absorbent. With extremely absorbent backgrounds or mixed masonry, before fixing, apply MultiGips Aufbrennsperre or MultiGips Grundiermittel, with concrete surfaces MultiGips Betonkontakt.To implementation of the dry rendering take note of the manufacturer’s working guidelines. MultiGips Ansetzgips is, in addition, excellent for fixing corner protection beads and plastering profiles in interior areas.

Technical Data*

Duration of working
approx. 50 minutes
Material requirement
approx. 5 kg/m² 
Wet mortar yield
ca. 95 l/100 kg
approx. 3 month, dry 

Delivery unit

D E L I V E R Y   U N I T

W  E I G H T
Paper-sacks with moisture protection and carrier handle   
10 kg  
Pallet with 60 units

600 kg
Paper-sacks with moisture protection 
25 kg
Pallet with 24 units  
600 kg
Paper-sacks with moisture protection 
30 kg
Pallet with 24 units
720 kg


* Values can deviate depending on background, ambient temperature and working conditions.

Product details, working notes, background pre-treatment and all technical data

Technical data sheet (shortly)
Safety data sheet download (29k)