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MultiGips Aufbrennsperre Dispersion

MultiGips Aufbrennsperre 

Deflagration blocker for the reduction and balancing of absorbent capacity on extremely or varyingly absorbent rendering bases in interior and exterior areas. Improved adhesion. Productive concentrate.

Blue pigmented plastic dispersion with high resistance to alkali for the regulation of the absorbent capacity. On extremely absorbent backgrounds prevents the deflagration of the plaster or fixing gypsum and balances differing absorbent behaviours on mixed backgrounds. Adhesion of the rendering is improved. 

Depending on the absorbency of the rendering base, dilute the concentrate the ratio 1 : 3 (deflagration blocker to water). Before use it must be stirred thoroughly. Apply evenly using or lamb skin roller or spray using suitable equipment. Apply rendering only after complete drying out (at least 24 hours).

Technical data * 

approx. 180 g/m² with dilution 1 : 2
blue pigmented
plastic dispersion
Type of application
paint, roll, spray
Drying out time
at least 24 hours
Working temperature
not below +5 °C
approx. 6 months, unusable when affected by frost

* Values can deviate depending on background, ambient temperature and working conditions.

Product details, working notes, background pre-treatment and all technical data

Technical data sheet (shortly)
Safety data sheet download (23k)