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MultiGips Tiefengrund LF

MultiGips Tiefengrund LF 

Pink pigmented acrylic resin dispersion for the strengthening of old plasters and for the reduction/balancing of the absorbent capacity of extremely or varyingly absorbent rendering bases in interior areas.

Plastic dispersion for moisture blocking strengthening and priming of absorbent, sanded and porous backgrounds of all types. Outstandingly suitable for the employment on concrete and porous concrete, plaster, masonry, limestone, cement-,anhydrite-and poured asphalt screeding as well as plaster backgrounds. Application also on gypsum panels and gypsum wallboards before the application of cement bonded adhesives or levelling and correction masses. The dispersion, which is pink coloured on delivery, penetrates deep into the background and dries colourless.

With extremely absorbent backgrounds a second coating is required after the first coat has dried (ca. 2 – 3 hours). Extremely sanding or already crumbling backgrounds are to be removed before application.

Technical data * 

approx. 150 g/m² with dilution 1 : 2
pink pigmented
acrylic resin dispersion, solvent-free
Type of application
paint, roll, spray
Working time
2 – 3 hours separation between two applications
Drying out time
approx. 6 – 24 hours
Working temperature
not below +5 °C
approx. 6 months, unusable when affected by frost

* Values can deviate depending on background, ambient temperature and working conditions.

Product details, working notes, background pre-treatment and all technical data

Technical data sheet (shortly)
Safety data sheet download (24k)