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Filler/smoothing gypsums 

Materials are designated as filler/smoother gypsum which can be drawn out to zero. Thus they are ideally suited for the creation of absolutely smooth building unit surfaces but can, however, be used as filler to close joints, slits or faults.  

With MultiGips CasoFill FK2 and MultiGips CasoFill Super 50 there are available two products for high quality smoothing/filling of dry mortarless construction systems. With both products one is concerned with high quality, plastic modified joint fillers on a gypsum basis for the smoothing/filling of gypsum plasterboard with half-round edges without reinforcing strips and/or flattened edges with reinforced edges as well as gypsum fibre board.

While MultiGips CasoFill FK2 is suitable as filler/smoother gypsum for full-surface or local smoothing and for levelling out critical backgrounds, the area of application of MultiGips CasoFill Super 50 ranges from filling/smoothing of weak or normal absorbent, rough or uneven backgrounds, joints of precast concrete components, slits and holes over the full-surface levelling out of concrete surfaces out to the production of surface qualities from Level Q3 to Q4 (smoothed) in dry mortarless construction and with plastering.

MultiGips CasoFill Uni surface filler/smoother on the other hand is a filler/smoother gypsum for hand or machine working for the full-surface levelling out of strongly absorbent wall creators made from solid gypsum wallboards, porous concrete or KS concrete precision blocks in