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General information about working with MultiGips supplementary products 

With the application of MultiGips primer or MultiGips deflagration blocker the background must be clean, capable of bearing loads, dry, free from loose items as well as shuttering parting or post-treatment agents.

Fundamentally do not work on frozen surfaces and not below + 5°C. Neighbouring surfaces such as glass, marble, clinker, metal etc are to be protected. Wipe of splashes at once in fresh condition using water from the contaminated surfaces. Even application takes place using brush, lambs skin roller or in a suitable spraying method. Use of protective glasses is recommended. Clean tools immediately after use using water. With the working ensure good room ventilation!

All MultiGips supplementary products for the improvement of bonding must be dried out and no longer adhere before the application of the plaster. This can be determined visually and through a scratch sample. Low temperatures and/or a high air humidity lengthen the drying time.