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Masonry (old) 

With rehabilitation and renovation one often finds non-vertical, uneven walls, mixed masonry, old rendering or coatings as backgrounds. The necessity of a background pre-treatment is to be examined depending on the situation.

the following aspects should be examined and/or taken into account:

  • Sufficient flatness of the background in order that a smooth surface can be produced in the desired thickness of plaster. Gypsum plasters can be worked single-layer up to 25 mm and in exceptional cases up to 50 mm, so that a balancing of existing unevenness is possible without problem 
  • Dust as well as loose or brittle parts of the old substance must be removed carefully. If there are considerable reservations with regard to the load bearing capability and the freedom from cracks of the background, a lathwork is to be employed. 
  • The occurrence of various stone and joint mortar qualities nearly always ensures a very different absorbent behaviour which can be brought to an optimal and standard level using MultiGips Grundiermittel.
  • Depending on the situation a reinforcement in the upper third of the plaster layer is recommended.