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Plaster carriers 

Plaster carriers are employed when the plaster cannot be applied directly to the walls or ceilings. This, above all, is the case when the rendering base is not sufficiently capable of load bearing and cannot be stabilised using pre-treatment. Especially in rehabilitation building sites there can be, for example, very brittle and crumbling masonry as rendering base.  

In new construction, plaster carriers are required when the surfaces to be rendered have large holes or slots, for example for cables and pipes and these cannot or are not to be closed before rendering/-plastering. In addition, all installed components made of wood or metal are to be covered over using plaster carriers. This, for example, concerns steel supports in the wall, steel flanges of bearers in the ceiling or the load carrying parts of wooden framework houses.

With winter building sites it can also be of advantage to use plaster carriers with smooth non- or poorly adhesive concrete surfaces, in particular when one has still to reckon with drying shrinkage of the concrete after rendering. Traditional plaster carriers are, for example, wood-wool building slabs, clayed wire mesh or expanded metal panels.