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MultiGips Produkt -und Anwendungsvorteile

Advantages of product and application

Those who invest in the building of residential or office buildings must adjust to the demands and market conditions of tomorrow. Long-term leasing and sales successes are guaranteed only by properties which can react and be flexible to continuously changing conditions. 

Gypsum blocks are high quality building elements for the efficient erection of non-load-bearing internal partition walls.

The boards in thicknesses of 60, 80 and 100 mm consist through and through of solid gypsum. They form very stable, but with this light, partition walls.

Gypsum blocks combine the advantages of masonry and dry mortarless construction assembly walls in one system. As in compact construction they are put together to form homogeneous walls without sub-structure. The large format of the gypsum blocks (666 x 500 mm) allows for the rapid construction. 

Already known from dry mortarless construction is the extensively water-free assembly technique, with which working is with gypsum adhesive alone, not with mortar. 

The groove and tongue profile of the elements ensures a snug assembly. The result is absolutely smooth, level plane wall surfaces which are not plastered but only filled/-smoothed in the area of joints or over the complete surface.

Partition walls made from gypsum blocks require no sub-structure, equally no door supports, connecting angles or profiles for the transfer of loads. They consist of high quality plaster of Paris and have the same properties over the whole surface as well as the complete cross-section.

Openings or loads to be attached can therefore be arranged as desired regardless of spacing. Even heavy loads such as kitchen cupboards or wash basins can be secured simply and securely at any point using normal commercial anchors.