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MultiGips Wandbauplatten - Verarbeitung


Construction using MultiGips gypsum blocks represents an almost unbeatable advantage of a combination of solid and dry mortar construction. Its economic, technical and building-physical trumps, however, only come into full play with professional working.

For this reason the interior partition walls should be erected by qualified specialist firms only, which have the know-how and experience with the handling of high quality gypsum products as well as the professional filling/smoothing of the surfaces.

To ensure the quality of workmanship is offered by certified firms of the quality association “Solid dry mortar construction”. Its aim: mature and verifiable technical solutions for non-load-bearing partition walls made from solid gypsum blocks, in the long-term is better value for the customers.

The quality association “Solid dry mortar construction” is made up of respected specialist firms who, together with experienced technicians from industry, have defined the quality-oriented design of non-load-bearing solid partition walls made from gypsum blocks on the basis of valid standards and have committed themselves to its observance. In order that the promise of quality is also honoured an independent organisation for quality control has been tasked with the certification and monitoring of the firms. Thus, inter alia, the firms’ building sites are visited, unannounced, twice a year. Execution, system conformity, building site logistics: the results must correspond with the assessment guidelines of the quality association.

With certification, the specialist firms of the quality association “Solid dry mortar construction” have created a recognised standard within the building industry. Quality assurance is an important factor in all economic procedures. Also and precisely in the implementation of construction, this argument carries weight. The high quality level leads to a higher credibility of the certified specialist firms. They are also involved in the scientific-technical further development of wall systems.

Certified specialist firms reduce execution errors right from the start. As employees such as subcontractors have to meet quality criteria consistently. Additional work and expense and additional costs are dispensed with for the correction of deficiencies in construction.