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Building site logistics (in Germany only)

MultiGips gypsum blocks are supplied in foil-packed, water-protected packets on Euro-pallets.

Through the special high crane logistics for gypsum blocks, it is ensured that the block packet is unloaded directly to the respective storey planned for working. Special hydraulic grippers lift the block packets and feed them through the window opening and place them on the transport trolley As a rule, a transport trolley is also carried and made available for the period of unloading. 

Checklist for building site logistic  

Window opening:
≥ 0.85 m wide
≥ 1,30 m high (≥ 1.45 m with mechanical grippers).

Height of the upper edge for the highest window:
≤ 20,50 m

Maximum depositing height for Euro-pallets: 
≤ 4,50 m

Minimum opening height for Euro-pallets:
≥ 2,80 m


If block packets only are unloaded, the pallets remain on the HGV. Prerequisite for an economic transport of the building material is manoeuvrability on the building site with HGVs of 40 t gross vehicle weight. Already when placing the order, details are to be given as to how unloading is to take place in order that the HGV has the correct unloading equipment.

With at ground level unloading the blocks must be protected from moisture effects. In order to ensure this also against moisture from below the block packets should remain on the pallets or stand on wooden slates. As opposed to ground level storage, high crane unloading directly into the building is a significant time-saving building site procedure and energy-minimising transport expenditure.


Depending on the unloading height, the separation between HGV and the building is to be between 3 and 7 m.


So far as transport vehicles can be driven sufficiently close to the building, complete Euro-pallets can also be deposited on the balconies in the 1st storey. With this, however, it is absolutely necessary to observe the permitted live load of the ceilings.