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Modern partition wall design with many advantages …

MultiGips Wandbauplatten 005

… Advantages for investors and owners

  • Economic large-format gypsum blocks for building units with faster construction times 
  • Profit on useful and leased area through slimmer partition walls 
  • Late determination of division of space is possible in the building process in case no user is available 
  • Stable compact walls with high resistance capability against mechanical loads reducing repair and maintenance expense 
  • High value retention 
  • High economic efficiency through long useful life 
  • Simple dismantling with change of usage without incursion into the remaining building substrate 

… Advantages for architects and planners 

  • Ready-finished surface interiors walls without plaster ensure short construction times 
  • Barely any moisture input through dry components 
  • Particularly “quiet walls” in multi-storey residential building through coupled elastic edge mounting (optimised impact point damping)
  • High demands on fire protection can be met and without special designs, through completely non-combustible gypsum (Building Material Class A1 in accordance with DIN 4102)
  • Door openings or load carrying walls can be positioned freely regardless of support separations and spacing 
  • Alterations or changes made easy 
  • Perfect surface optic of the walls through high dimensional accuracy and plane level filling/-smoothing 
  • Variable surface finish 

… Advantages for lessees and user 

  • Homogeneous compact walls without sub-structure for uncomplicated fixture of furniture and domestic accessories or handles in sanitary areas using normal commercial anchors in any desired position 
  • High acoustic insulation for undisturbed living, dwelling and working 
  • Later changes to floor plan possible at any time 
  • High living comfort also in cold periods of the year due to low thermal conductivity of gypsum
  • Mineral basic substance for potentially hygienic walls without microbiological infestation
  • Recommended economically and building-biologically 
  • Without plasticizers and gas emitting substances 

… Advantages prime contractors and building supervision 

  • Highest execution security through certified working 
  • Rapid assembly sequence due to short drying periods 
  • Wall construction largely depending on weather conditions hydrophobised gypsum blocks (first row) and/or hydro-pedestals against rising damp should be used 
  • Simple quality control visually (no covered building units)
  • Homogeneous partition walls made from only four or five components 
  • Onsite storage advantage due to Pallet and block sizes