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Cost-effective partition walls

MultiGips gypsum blocks score several times over with building costs. They are put together without expensive sub-structure and are bonded together using gypsum-based adhesives.  

The complete work step of plastering can be saved, this reduces building costs. The non-productive waiting time for the drying of the plaster is dispensed with.

Savng of space
Using MultiGips gypsum blocks the building project is not only set up faster and more cost-effectively it can also be marketed more economically. The particularly slim walls require significantly less useful space than conventional masonry. In the calculation this means: more sales revenue through higher square meter figures. 

As a rule, in residential building, 80 or 100 mm thick gypsum blocks are used. 80 mm thick walls are, for example, ca. 65 mm thinner than 11.5 cm thick masonry plastered on both sides. The small difference adds together, already with the average size of apartment to one to two square metres.

MultiGips Wandbauplatten 004