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MultiGips HydroSockel 

Footing made from foamed glass against rising damp with water intrusion during the building phase or with subsequent water damage. Also suitable as thermal insulation for the avoidance of thermal bridges. 

Technical data

Foamed glass, purely inorganic and without bonding additives
Double-sided with special glass wool
Bulding material class
non-combustible, Building Material Class A1 iaw. DIN 4102 (unlaminated)
Stability of shape
constant (does not quilt, shrink, warp or dish)
Permitted compression strength
0.23 N/mm²
Thermal conductivity
λ 0.040 W/mK
40 x 80 x 600 mm
40 x 100 x 600 mm
Material requirement
0.4 m/m2