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Edge stripe made of PE low expansion foam

MultiGips AkustikPro 120

MultiGips AkustikPro is an edge strip for the technically correct elastic connection of solid gypsum blocks to adjacent walls, ceilings and floors.

The user-friendly strips made from PE low expansion foam [120 kg/m³] is characterised by outstanding acoustic insulation characteristics, In particular the sound transfer to adjacent building units is traceable reduced.

         MultiGips Wandbauplatten 036

The technically correct installation of the strips reduces the solid-borne transfer by a factor which, with rigid connection of the walls, would otherwise only be achieved through the almost three-times surface-related mass. MultiGips Wandbauplatten 037With a width of 120 mm the MultiGips AkustikPro 120 can be applied for gypsum blocks of each thickness [60, 80 and 100 mm]. The strip is always wider than the wall and thus effectively prevents accidental over-plastering. Following filling/smoothing of the walls overlay can be cut off without problem. The edge of the cut is white throughout as is the gypsum itself so that the strip in the finished wall can barely be seen.

Technical data

Elastic edge strips for acoustic decoupling of internal walls made

from solid gypsum blocks

  • MultiGips AkustikPro 120: Polyethylene low expansion foam with double-sided fleece lamination 
  • MultiGips AkustikPro 120 s-a: Polyethylene low expansion foam, one-sided self-adhesive with protective strips, one-sided fleece lamination 
To floors, walls and ceilings

Gross density
120 kg/m³
1,3 m/m²

3 mm
120 mm
Material structure
Airtight, closed cell foam
Reaction to moisture
Water vapour retarding, moisture resistant, unrotable
Reaction to fire

Normally flammable, Building Material Class B2 iaw. DIN 4102 in installed condition 

Product details, working notes, surface pre-treatment and all technical data

Technical data sheet (in short time) 

Safety data sheet (in short time)