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Edge connection strips made from cork 

For the elastic connection of gypsum blocks to other building units in accordance with DIN 4103, Part 2. Suitable for floor, wall and ceiling connections. Good acoustic insulation through decoupling of building units.

Randstreifen Presskork

Also conditionally employable if the partition walls have to meet fire protection requirements. Depending on the wall thickness the resistance to Fire Resistance Classes F 30-AB to F 180-AB are achieved, insofar as the strips are covered with a filler of at least 2 mm thickness (see appraisal report). For optimised acoustic insulation at the ceiling connection it is recommended that the width of the edge connection strips should be selected wider than the wall thickness. After filling the ceiling joint the overlay can be cut off. The acoustically unfavourable covering of the wall connection strips with filling/smoothing plaster can be excluded securely.

Technical data

5 mm
80, 100, 120 mm
1.3 m/m²
Delivery unit
50 m/packet
Building material Class