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MultiGips Kleber Hydro90 25 kg

MultiGips Adesive Hydro 90

MultiGips Hydro 90 is a factor premixed gypsum plaster in accordance with EN 12860 for the bonding and filling/smoothing of hydrophobised gypsum blocks made from solid gypsum blocks.

Also well-suited for subsequent filling/smoothing of rendered surfaces, for the placing of stucco elements as well as repair filling/smoothing plaster. Bonding time to fit practice of ca. 90 minutes depends on the firm working conditions.

Technical data *

Material requirement
approx 1.5 - 3.0 kg/m² wall

Application thickness
0 – 3 mm

Delivery unit
25 kg-sacks with moisture protection;
Pallet with 40 sacks = 1,000 kg;
approx. 3 month, dry

* Values can vary depending on thickness of filling/smoothing plaster, background, ambient temperature and working conditions.

Product details, working notes, surface pre-treatment and all technical data

Technical data sheet (in short time) 

Safety data sheet download (29k)