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MultiGips FG 70 Füllgips 25 kg

MultiGips FG 70 Füllgips (Filling/smoothing plaster)

With MultiGips FG 70 Füllgips there is available a secure solution for perfect ceiling connections with walls made from MultiGips gypsum blocks.

MultiGips Wandbauplatten 019
The high water retention capacity prevents deflagration. At the same time special adhesive additives ensure outstanding adhesive tensile strength. Through this the Füllgips forms a connection free of cracks between the uppermost row of the gypsum blocks and the elastic ceiling connection strips. MultiGips FG 70 is in addition suitable for the closure of joints or openings in gypsum blocks.

Technical data *

Duration of working
approx. 70 minutes
Material requirement with employment as Filling/smoothing plaster
approx. 2.0 kg/m² wall
Delivery unit
25 kg-sacks with moisture protection;
Pallet with 40 sacks = 1,000 kg;

approx. 3 month, dry

* Values can vary depending on thickness of filling/smoothing plaster, background, ambient temperature and working conditions.

Product details, working notes, surface pre-treatment and all technical data

Technical data sheet (in short time) 

Safety data sheet download (29k)