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Wet rooms

For use in domestic kitchens and bathrooms a water repellent gypsum block is recommended. As they consist of hydrophobised plaster of Paris, they protect better than any applied primer. The diffusion capability of the blocks is not prejudiced through the hydrophobisation.


Wasserabweisende Gips-Wandbauplatten

Their water absorption after 2 hours total storage in water is less than 5 % by weight. The functional security of partition walls can be increased further if MultiGips adhesive Hydro 90 is also used for offset and the filling/smoothing of blocks.

MultiGips Foamglass protect the walls against rising damp with water penetration during building and with subsequent water damage. They are resistant to water penetration and rising damp. The footings are laminated on two sides using special glass fibre and can be ordered as accessory.

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