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In order that the given sound insulation values are achieved, the following constraints are to be taken into account with the planning and implementation. Secure adhesion through keying:

  • All boards and connection joints must be free of hollow spaces and filled completely with gypsum. 
  • The strips must be laid without gaps and lie close to the adjacent building units. They may in no case be plastered over with filler, if required the filler coating from adjacent building units is to be separated using a trowel cut. The plaster of adjacent walls or ceilings is also to be separated from the partition wall using a trowel cut.
  • The use of connection strips which are wider than the wall is ideal. The excess width is cut off after filling and, through this, each acoustic bridge eliminated. Edge strips made from PE low expansion foam are particularly recommended.
  • Pipes may not directly touch the wall but should be secured using acoustic insulating fixtures.
  • The insulation in double-layer walls must be attached adhesive plaster using gypsum.