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Gypsum blocks as partition walls

The airborne sound insulation between two adjacent rooms in compact construction is determined above all by the surface related mass of the separating wall. 

single-leaf walls made from gypsum blocks, already with mean gross density, achieve a rated sound insulation mass Rw,P of up to 40 dB with 100 mm wall thickness; with higher gross density and the same thickness it is 44 dB

Schallschutz - Trennende Wände

For double-leaf walls values up to 68 dB have been determined whereby the proposals for an increased acoustic insulation in accordance with Supplement 2 to DIN 4109 can certainly be achieved.

The values given apply for undisturbed walls without doors, channels or other openings. With walls with openings as a rule the doors are the weakest link whereby the quality determines the acoustic insulation of the complete wall.

Sound insulations values in walls made of Gyspum blocks with implementation of different edge connection strips download (43k)