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Gypsum blocks as adjacent walls 

The acoustic insulation of a partition wall actually realised, in addition to its own surface-related mass, depends also on the type and bonding of all adjacent building units. Through the elastic connection of gypsum blocks the flank transmission to adjacent building units is considerably reduced.  

Flankierende Wände

1. MultiGips Gypsum block, 60 x 500 x 666 mm

3. MultiGips Adhesive

4. Rock wool strips, non-combustible A1, melting point ≥ 1,000°C, variable,
120 x 12 x 1,000 mm, Rockwool-RST or similar

5. Glass fibre lattice, breaking load ≥ 4,000 N/5 cm, mesh width ≥ 5 x 5 mm, overlapping 200 mm. P-D glass fibre, Type BGG 09 or similar

6. Glass fibre lattice, horizontal

7. Dry wall screws, course thread, 6 x 100 mm, 10 mm countersunk

8. Interior plaster separated from firewall using trowel cut 

Or put in another way: as opposed to rigidly integrated adjacent building units, partition walls do not or only slightly stimulate themselves or adjacent building units acoustically when elastically connected together.

Sound insulations values in walls made of Gyspum blocks with implementation of different edge connection strips download (43k)