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  • Elastic wall connections may be executed insofar as rock wool strips in accordance with DIN 18165, Part 2 [Heralan edge strips or glass wool, 13 mm, in accordance with the Specialist Report of the MPC, Braunschweig, Document No. 1247-022-07] are incorporated.
  • They must correspond to Building Material Class A1 and have a melting point ≥ 1,000°C. The gross density at the ceiling and sides must be ≥ 40 kg/m³ and at the floor ≥ 65 kg/m³
  • In accordance with the statements of the MPA, Braunschweig in the specialist report, the connections may also be produced using max. 5 mm thick cork strips [Building Class at least B2], if the cork strips are covered with at least 2 mm coating of plaster. The classifications of walls in this case are: F 30-AB, F 60-AB, F 120-B and F 180-AB.
  • With fire protection requirements for sliding ceiling connections, angle steel of at least 2 mm thickness is to be used on both sides.
  • U-sections are not permitted.
  • The wall must be inserted at least 20 mm. the remaining hollow space is to be filled completely using rock wool insulation material in accordance with DIN 18165-2 Building Material Class A1, gross density ≥ 30 kg/m³ , melting point ≥ 1,000°C. If the hollow space is larger than 30 mm the gross density must be ≥ 100 kg/m³.