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Technical data

Gypsum blocks EN 12859, gypsum adhesive and gypsum plaster
Building Material Class
A1, non-combustible
Block format
2 x 60 mm
500 x 666 mm
Gross density Class
Medium gross density ca. 850 kg/m³
Wall thickness
160 mm

Grammage, total
150 kg/m²
Max. wall height
6.50 m
Gypsum mortar made from MultiGips RotWeiss adhesive gypsum plaster and
MultiGips adhesive ; ratio 2:1
Glass fibre lattice, breaking load ≥ 4,000 N/5 cm, mesh width ≥ 5 x 5 mm, overlapping 200 mm. P-D glass fibre, Type BGG 09 or glass wool
Rock wool strips, non-combustible A1, melting point ≥ 1,000°C, variable,
120 x 12 x 1,000 mm, Rockwool-RST or glass wool
Dry wall screws, course thread, 6 x 100 mm, 10 mm countersunk
Fire protection
Non-load-bearing room closing firewall made from solid gypsum blocks in accordance with DIN 4102-3 with single-leaf exposure to fire: Test Certificate Number P3668/484/07-MPA-BS
Fire resistance class
F 90-A in accordance with DIN 5102-2
Acoustic insulation
RW,P = 44 dB