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Working notes for double-leaf walls 

With increased requirements for acoustic insulation and/or installation walls, partition walls made from gypsum blocks can also be designed double-leaf. With this, each leaf is an independent wall without connection to another [exception: interior firewalls]. After the first leaf of a double-leaf wall has been completely executed, optionally the installations and/or insulating material can be put in place. Pipelines should not be secured in or directly on walls, but on acoustically dampened brackets. Insulating material in intermediate spaces is compacted and secured against slipping to the first wall leaf using gypsum adhesive.

The wall structure is subsequently closed with the erection of a second leaf whereby the necessary separation between both leaves is to be maintained. The insulation material may not be buckled and the installations must run free of contact in the intermediate space. Transverse walls made from gypsum blocks abutting on to a double-leaf partition wall are bonded only with one leaf.