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Light console loads up to 0.4 kN/m (40 kp/m) may be attached to walls made of gypsum blocks using normal commercial expansion and screw anchors without further verification. This loading case applies for small bookshelves or small wall cupboards. 


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Heavy console loads over 0.4 to 1.0 kN/m, whose vertical line of action (lever arm) is removed from the wall surface by a maximum of 0.5 m, may be attached to walls made of gypsum blocks so far as the wall thickness is at least 80 mm and the height of the wall does not exceed 2/3 of the maximum permitted wall height.

Numerous commercial dowels and anchors can be employed for mounting fixtures in gypsum blocks. To be taken into account in each case are the values given by the manufacturer of the dowel for the depth of the drilling and the recommended working load.

The maximum load-bearing capability given by the manufacturer of the dowels is achieved only by using screws with the largest possible diameter. Therefore as far as possible always use the respectively largest given screw diameter, never a smaller one.

With wall-suspended WCs uncontrolled and high impact type loading at a relatively long lever arm can occur.

Despite the high breaking loads of individual types of dowel in walls made from gypsum blocks basically the attachment of these sanitary objects to carrier supports is recommended.

Permitted wall dimensions download (423k)
Recommended working loads download (421k)