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Installation of a single-piece steel frame during build-up of the wall 

Single-piece steel all-around frames can be installed very economically and elegantly together with gypsum blocks. For this the frame is to be aligned to the planned position and supported against the ceiling using battens as well as braced using wooden cross bars.

With the building-up of the wall the gypsum blocks are fed into the mouth of the frame and the remaining hollow space filled with gypsum mortar in layers.

For solidly fixed frame anchors the blocks receive cut-to-match slits. Work with adjustable frame anchors, which grip into the horizontal joints of the gypsum blocks, is simpler.

Above the frame both edge blocks should overlay the opening by 20 to 30 cm. If necessary an adjusting piece is to be installed in the middle. Openings over 1 m wide are to be reinforced as described above.