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Installation of a single-piece steel frame after build-up of the wall 

MultiGips Wandbauplatten 021   MultiGips Wandbauplatten 022
The door opening is left out during build-up of the wall or sawed out at a later time. The dimensions of the opening correspond with the dimensions of the frame with an installation using anchors.   The reveal are bevelled on all sides using a saw, roughened and freed of gypsum dust

MultiGips Wandbauplatten 023   MultiGips Wandbauplatten 024
Saw out gaps for the flexible frame anchor and also remove cutting dust.   Frames with fixed anchors define the position of the gaps

MultiGips Wandbauplatten 025   MultiGips Wandbauplatten 026
Moisten reveal and gaps thoroughly.   Place frae vertically and horizontally true.

  MultiGips Wandbauplatten 028
Fix and brace frame in agreement with the one metre marking   Close gaps and hollow spaces at the side and above using MultiGips FG 70 Füllgips