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As manufacturer we take our obligation to the protection of the environment very seriously and invest in resource-sparing, low emission product processes as well as in sustained recultivation measures with the degradation of the raw material, gypsum.

Our products are classified by the “Transferstelle ökologisch orientiertes Bauen” [Transfer agency for ecologically oriented building] in Dresden, under Red. No. 1.3-98L004 “Ecologically recommended”. In addition the certifications in accordance with KOMO [BV Kawaliteitsverklaringen Bouw. BKB] and DIN EN ISO 9001.

An Environmental System in accordance with EN ISO 14001 and EMAS-II Ordinance applies for the VG-ORTH Works in Hundelhausen. The compliance of our gypsum blocks with the European Standard EN 12859 is documented on all delivery notes and all packaging with the CE Mark. It is the legal basis for the fact that MultiGips products may be handled and put into circulation in member countries of the European Union.