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Family-run company 

Added value for company and employees 

Small and medium-sized, family-run companies are able to react flexibly and innovatively to the requirements of shifting markets. VG-ORTH generates for the necessary basis for a successful further development and a securing of the future for the benefit of customers and employees. 

With this, our company, with headquarters in Stadtoldendorf, builds on recognised fundamental values such as frankness, honesty and trust. In this way, the thinking in generations also sets benchmarks for our business activities – independent of the volatile influences of the stock and capital markets. Purely turnover-oriented management decisions are not part of our company culture.

Responsible trading is the maxim of our family-run business. Each employee, in his own area, contributes actively and effectively to yield-oriented results. With the modern production of gypsum building materials fit for the future and as sole producer in Germany of compact gypsum walls, we are supporting the construction market with growing success. In this way together we generate the required return. With this, VG-ORTH, as gypsum specialist, preserves, secures and creates long-term work and training places.