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Building material gypsum 

Rendering and stucco, filler and surface smoothing plaster – gypsum so perfectly meets the demands of today’s interior construction, as if it were invented just for this. In fact, however, the material is as old as civilisation.

Baustoff Gips

Maria glass, selenite, satin spar, calcium sulphate-dihydrate are not just poetic names. Calcium is the fifth most frequent element of the earth’s crust and the main mineral in our body. It builds up the cell walls of plants, makes bones and teeth solid and resistant. Sulphates are salts which control many human vital functions. 

Natural gypsum

What combined many million years ago to form CaSO4•2H2O, in short gypsum, is of immense significance for life. Gypsum is therefore also the starting point for a unique bio-building material: natural, healthy, kind to the skin, antibacterial, in addition naturally breathing, offsets heat sensitivity and at all times, incombustible. The talent of gypsum for interior building and dwelling has been brought together by VG-ORTH with a complete range of building materials under the brand name MultiGips.

Natural plaster and anhydrite raw materials form the material basis of the company’s sales and entrepreneurial success. VG-ORTH accepts its responsibility for sustained and lasting protection of resources. Thanks to its state-of-the-art production plants, energy-saving processing technologies and continuous renaturation, the company upholds the living and working fundaments of future generations.

REA gyspum

In order to continue to look after the natural gypsum deposits, MultiGips dry mortars also contain REA gypsum “in product relevant” portions. Rea gypsum is originated from flue gas desulphurisation plants. With this, pure gypsum is produced with the addition of lime. A process which is proven world-wide and has established itself to the greatest extent.

The REA gypsum, produced with the generation of energy, is chemically identical with natural gypsum. Its purity is continuously surveyed and monitored according to quality criteria by Eurogypsum, the association of European gypsum industries.