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RotWeiss leicht 120m

MultiGips RotWeiss leicht 120 

For working by hand or machine.
Super adhesive even on difficult rendering bases

Factory premixed dry mortar on gypsum basis for hand or machine working. For the production of single-layer interior plastering also in domestic kitchens and bathrooms in accordance with DIN V 18550. Special additives ensure an outstanding adhesion to the background, therefore particularly suitable for the plastering of rough or smooth concrete surfaces. 

Due to its special composition MultiGips RotWeiss leicht 120m has a large pore volume, is therefore regulates the room climate, dwelling-healthy and building biologically recommended. The hardened interior plastering forms a background capable of bearing subsequent coatings. 

With extremely absorbent rendering bases or mixed brickwork apply MultiGips Aufbrennsperre or MultiGips Grundiermittel beforehand, with weak or non-adhesive concrete surfaces apply MultiGips Betonkontakt.

Technische Data *

Duration of working
approx. 120 minutes
Material requirement
approx. 0.80 kg/m² per mm layer thickness
Wet mortar yield
approx. 130 l/100 kg
Thickness of plastering
From very thin up to a thickness of 50 mm
Delivery unit
30 kg-sacks with moisture protection; Pallet with 40 sacks = 1,200 kg;
approx. 3 month, dry

* Values can deviate depending on background, ambient temperature and working conditions.

Product details, working notes, background pre-treatment and all technical data

Technical data sheet (shortly)
Safety data sheet  (shortly)